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Once while visiting a friend, I got some candies and chocolates for their 3-year child. Looking at the fluorescent bag, the child excitedly ran to me to grab her share of treats. The mother rather looked displeased. I almost forgot the look on her face when I was ushered into the living room full of our friends. What followed was some great chit chat, succulent starters and appetizing main course. The burps after the dessert soon transformed to yawns and it was time for thank you and byes. The mother (of the 3-year child) pulled me aside to a corner to request not to get candies or chocolates for the kid the next time. Not only are the sugary candies bad for kid’s teeth but also her appetite, she explained. She added, almost grievingly, that the half-eaten candies and chocolates find a way to the mother’s tummy rather than the dustbin and rudely interrupt their weight loss efforts.


HoneyChew bar

Her advice got me pondering. Is there something sweet and savory for children that doesn’t threaten their teeth or appetite? And then I got my answer on the Facebook page of HoneyChew. HoneyChew is THE PERFECT SNACK that kids will love. It comes in 5 different flavors, which are original, peppermint, ginger and lemon, orange and mango. The chewy honey snack is an anytime and anywhere snack that people of all age-groups can have.

There are several mothers who relentlessly search for a unique and special return gift for kids’ birthday party. There is no birthday party that is ever complete without a return gift. HoneyChew snack can also be considered as the best option for back gifts after house warming, wedding, pre-wedding party, retirement or just a friends’ get together.

Your friends will really appreciate your choice of HoneyChew snack bars as they

  • Tastes divine
  • Does not kill your appetite
  • Fills your tummy
  • Suffices your sweet tooth
  • Gives you instant energy
  • Easy to carry
  • Helps you to manage your weight
  • Pocket friendly gift option

You can order Honeychew from either Amazon or Bigbasket. Do it today.


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