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If you follow a balanced and healthy diet, you need three meals and a mid-day snack and evening snack. It is believed that these in-between snacks are important to fuel your body and so that you are not ravenous at your main meal time.


Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar suggests that having tea or coffee is not a good option when you’re considering in-between snacks. These beverages kill your appetite temporarily and it returns with a vengeance as you tend to gorge on anything that is high in salt, sugary and deep fried. The evening snacks are especially important. During the day we are busy with work, either at office or household chores. It’s in the evening that we tend to get relaxed and start imagining foods that please the palate. If we are starving by dinner time, we tend to indulge in a heavy and oily meal and most likely binge. This further leads to problems like lack of sleep, digestion issues and thyroid issues. Between 4-6 pm evening time, we don’t have access to homecooked savories. This is the most common reason to reach out for easily available sugary biscuits or deep-fried savories in the office or school canteen or the nearby grocery store or the junk food that is delivered quickly at your doorstep or office. Hence, it’s essential to opt for a healthy and tasty snack that fills your tummy just leaving the right appetite for a light dinner.

Lifestyle and unhealthy diet are increasingly becoming a huge concern across the country. With a sedentary life, people (especially in the metropolitan cities) are amassing weight around their belly. Belly fat is the main reason for health-related complications like diabetes and heart-related diseases.

What are my options for a healthy snack?

Honeychew is your best in-between snack.

You can easily digest the honey bar snack before your lunch or dinner and it is an absolute gratification to your taste buds. You can even start your day with a Honeychew snack as it instantly fills you up with energy. Honeychew is such a flexible snack that you can even end your day with this magical snack as a dessert. You not only fulfill the needs of your sweet tooth but also do that without any unnecessary calories from sugary dessert.

What more, it’s easy to carry to your office, school or even an evening walk. Just rip Honeychew apart and slurp away the snack to suffice your hunger pangs.

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