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If you’re planning a trip (by road, train or air), there is something on your list that renders as the first thing to come on the top. It is ‘convenient snacks’.

So, you tend to reach out for those oily deep-fried chips or namkeens, which are high in salt, fats and totally junk. These unhealthy snacks increase your cholesterol and blood pressure. If you have kids, then the other snacks that will probably make it to your travel bag are sugary candies, high calorie sugar sickly chocolates, cake or donuts.

Travel snacks are not easy to pick.  

You must be careful and avoid carrying snacks that may get spoilt due to extreme weather conditions (for example, snacks that may melt or get spoilt in extreme heat). Packing snacks that might be difficult to serve, may drip or need utensils can be cumbersome on a trip. It is not advisable to lug glass jars that might break from the shakes and jerky ride (if it happens to be one). It’s a no-no to beverages since there’s a high likelihood that it might spill all over the place.


Let’s first understand why do you need snacks during trips? The boredom of the long journey might make you hungry (and its better than feeling sleepy especially if you’re driving). Travel also makes you fatigued and it’s best to carry snacks, which can instantly rejuvenate you. In addition to that, you need something that doesn’t spill or crumple over all over the place, and make the rest of your journey about cleaning up the mess.

So, travel snacks must be healthy, compact, non-messy, light-weight and delicious. Do you think that’s nearly impossible and tough to find?

HoneyChew chewy snack bars are the best snack that you can easily stash in your handbag or travel bag. It’s healthy, totally scrumptious, a source of instant energy, and a great replacement for candies (for kids and people of all age groups). HoneyChew bars can give you energy and rejuvenate you that you absolutely require if you’re taking particularly long journey.

So, the next time you plan a trip, don’t forget to travel light, stay healthy and energetic, have fun and stash HoneyChew chewy bars as the most suitable snack for your journey.

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