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Just when you’re trying (very hard) to feed your little one (LO) with a banana, there comes a TV commercial that fills the screen with alluringly melting chocolate. You watch the horror unfold in front of your eyes as your child forgets all about the banana and starts to salivate for a chocolate instead.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has predicted that by 2025 there will be nearly 70 million children across the world who will be overweight. Obesity in childhood is serious as increases the chances of several lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases early in adulthood.


Compared to 1990s, the kids today are exposed to many easily available, high-fat, high-salt and high-sugar foods. The aggressive marketing makes it almost unavoidable for parents to completely avoid an unhealthy beverages, snacks, candies or food. It’s a battle at the grocery store as children just cannot resist the fancy and alluringly colorful candies. These are not only deterrent to the health of children but also their teeth. It’s not that parents are not aware of the nutritional value of foods but to provide the child with something that is healthy, tasty and appeals to their taste bud is all too challenging.

HoneyChew is meant to address exactly all those challenges. It is chewy honey in different flavors that tastes better than any candy or chocolate. It comes in flavors such as original, peppermint, mango, ginger-lemon and orange. You have the goodness of something sweet and extremely appealing to the taste buds.

Why is snacking important for children?

In-between snacks are extremely important for children. Just as it’s essential for those snacks to be healthy. Children build a healthier immune system, better nutritional foundation and increased energy if they consume healthy snacks.

Children have a small tummy and feel hungry frequently. The best snacks are low in artificial sugar, fat and high in nutrition. The snack must also be consumed in the right proportion so that the child is hungry for a complete meal. HoneyChew makes a perfect in-between snack. It comes in a convenient and compact bar that can fed before/after their play or sports time for an instant spurt of energy.

If the kids keep munching all day, it’s an issue as well. Snack schedule helps the kids understand when they are truly hungry.

Parents tend to handover a sugar-coated candy or – chocolate as a reward for good behavior or an achievement. Some parents try to pacify a cranky children with an unhealthy and sugary candy. These small acts will lead the child to believe that unhealthy sweets are comfort foods and can be easily replaced with food. They will also be averse to trying new foods and just being habituated to something totally devoid of any nutrition.

You can easily replace it with HoneyChew bar. Children love its delightful, fruity, fresh, sweet and lingering taste.

Snacking for busy school-going kids and teens


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School-going kids have a hectic life. School, activities, lessons, sports play and homework. You can imagine how much energy these little adults require to go through such busy days. School going kids require energy boosters to get through action packed days and never go hungry before their lessons or play time or starting their homework. The best part of HoneyChew bar is that it’s the perfect energy booster and kids can easily carry it in their bags and independently tear it up herself or himself and relish the delectable snack.

Teens tend to indulge in easily available greasy junk food. But it won’t happen if you start the right habits early in childhood. The good thing is that there is a lot of awareness to maintain optimum fitness levels and teens will follow the example of their parents. Healthy parents will beget healthy children and teens. So, you need a HoneyChew bar for yourself instead of that calorie packed snack that could be damaging to your health.

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