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Your morning started off just great. Your diet (and all that workout) is finally showing results as the numbers on the weighing scale seem to be lazily inching towards your target weight. Excited, you rush to the kitchen to share your success with your mom.

But you freeze.

There she is unpacking the moistest little muffins filled with rich chocolate chips and hazelnuts right in front you who has transformed from an achiever to a starving and drooling beast. You’re a child again jumping up and down at the sight of the enticing muffin. Thinking if you should just gulp all of it down or have it one bite at a time with your steaming coffee.

How can a little muffin look so tantalizing that it messes up with your mind in a fraction of seconds?
Well, maybe a small bite may not harm, you think.

One bite follows another and the sugar rush makes you heady. Within no time, you gorge the entire muffin. And thinking of the weight you’d lost. You’re not sure if you should hate your mom, the devious muffin or your weak will.

HoneyChew Power Snack



Does the situation sound familiar? Fighting sugar cravings is a constant battle specially for people trying to diet. Have you ever wondered the reason for craving something sweet when you’re on a diet? It’s primarily because you’re low on energy and the body craves for sugar or something sinfully sugary to compensate for the lost energy. Of course, there are other reasons as well.

  • Humans prefer something sweet for an instant energy boost
  • Consumption of sugar helps release endorphins, a hormone that helps to relax the mind
  • It tastes good and leaves you craving for more
  • Sugary foods leave you feeling satisfied
  • Underactive thyroid will make you crave for everything sugary
  • Serotonin hormone drops before periods and the body craves for sweet things

Sugar cravings are a constant impediment in your weight loss journey. Your body screams for anything coated in chocolate, cream or entrancing sweetness.

You’re not the only one fighting sugar cravings. The problem with sugar cravings is that it comes dressed as calorie-rich and unhealthy cookies, cakes, chocolates, ice cream, pudding, pie, and more. Can it come in a better form and variety while still being as scrumptious and satisfying? Well, that’s why we’re here.

You must have heard it before that honey is that magic food that can help you lose weight. It sure can and it can also fill you up with an instant spurt of energy. HoneyChew takes you to the next level. It’s a bar that has chewy honey in 5 heavenly flavors, which are original, peppermint, mango, ginger-lemon and orange. It comes in a handy sachet that can be packed in the gym bag or your pocket before heading out for a morning walk. The chewy snack not only calms your sugar cravings but does so tastefully.

You can slurp as many sachets without worrying about hating yourself the next morning on the weighing scale. It does not add to your weight. On the contrary, it gives you all the benefits of this super amazing magical food (we can talk about it in another blog) and still help you to bid adieu to unwanted kilos.

It’s easy to deviate when you’re on a mission. The difficult part is to stay persistent and achieve your goal. Weight loss is one such endeavor. It works best when you don’t give way to gluttony. Every time an unhealthy calorie-rich sly dessert beckons you, show your HoneyChew bar to shun it away.

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