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It rains, and out comes our wok to savor deep-fried ‘samosas’, ‘jalebis’, ‘vada pav’, ‘gulab-jamun’ and ‘pakodas’. The more it rains, the more the urge for those oily, hot, spicy and unhealthy snacks increases. The rush at the local sweet shop increases demanding the calorie filled nibbles. There are many people who complain that they gain weight during the monsoon season. When the rain stops, you must not be left with guilt and self-loathing for not being able to resist unhealthy snacks. One of the main reasons for that is that the pleasant weather makes us happier and sadly hungrier. But if you keep a calorie count, remember that monsoon must not be a reason to surrender to your glutton.

HoneyChew snacks for kids

The hideous snacks are completely and totally unhealthy and harmful for your gut. There is sadly an exquisite variety of fried snacks that find way into our mouth to suffice our glutton. If we don’t get access to these fried munchies, we tend to reach for chips and ‘namkeens’ that are equally bad.

The cozy monsoons, no matter how alluring, should not give you a reason to indulge. The muggy season is no reason to for you to spoil your taste buds, especially since it’s a time when mosquitos and other bugs to thrive. Food hygiene must be your absolute concern at home. You cannot control the hygiene of food ordered from eateries so it’s a time when you must avoid it as far as possible.

I understand that the rain is a relief from the heat and somehow awakens the taste buds. The best way to maintain a healthy weight, and to keep allergies at bay, you must store healthy snacks at home. For example, you can keep HoneyChew, the nutritious, delectable and healthy honey bar that will keep your urge for those damaging snacks far from your mind and taste buds. It fills your mouth with an unmatched taste and makes you feel energized again to enjoy the monsoons.

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