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It’s 1 a.m. and you’re still awake trying to finish an important presentation from work. You just can’t concentrate as the thoughts of the leftover vegetable cutlets lying innocently packed in the refrigerator are blinding your thoughts. You imagine heading to the fridge, reaching out for the box with the delicious cutlets, heating it and biting into the rightfully spiced mixture of peas, potatoes, beans and carrots, which has been delightfully coated in bread crumbs to make it super crispy. The glutton and the visualization of the cutlet is so overwhelming that neither do you feel sleepy nor can you focus at the job at hand.

Does the situation sound familiar?

The situation is not as simple as it sounds. Late-night cravings are not good for your health. It can be a cutlet, chocolates or pastry – your late-night snack cravings may vary. Unfortunately, these cravings can lead to conditions like obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. The human body works as per an internal biological clock. Day light is what synchronizes our day and keeps our energy levels high during the day. For some people, the clock doesn’t work as effectively. Even after a complete and full dinner, they tend to get hungry and tend to reach for high calorie and unhealthy foods at odd hours of the night.

In fact, the disruption in the sleep/wake/eat pattern is known to have an impact on human memory and their ability to learn.

What we are suggesting is (1) as much as possible, you need to get rid of the late-night snacking habit and (2) if you seem to be helpless and have an insatiable urge during the odd hours of the night, opt for something as healthy as a HoneyChew bar. The bar has chewable honey that is available in 5 different flavors, which are totally delectable. The chewy honey bar is a healthy snack that will pacify your urge for a deep fried or sugary snack. It is neither fried nor full of sugar; just natural sugar in its best form.

You must have a life that is chronically aligned with the biological clock. What we eat and when we eat has a profound impact on this clock and makes keeps diseases at bay as much as possible. Try to maintain a routine wherein you wake up and sleep around the same time; have meals around the same time, and avoid late-night snacking. If you must, buy your stock of HoneyChew bars for healthy snacking.

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