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The Indian weather isn’t particularly conducive for people who wish to be outdoors and stay fit. It’s either too hot and dry or too hot and humid. Each day you make a workout regime but the soaring temperature (since early morning) just crumples all plans. The extreme heat makes the body dehydrated and tired. There are a couple of options if you want to stay fit in the harsh, sweaty and humid summer months. Some people, who have an extremely sensitive skin, tend to develop skin allergies and sun burn if they stay outdoors for too long.

Here are a few fitness tips if you just can’t tolerate the heat and wish to avoid outdoors.

  • Opt for indoor workout options like joining a gym, dance or yoga classes that are indoors
  • You can watch fitness videos at home and start a workout regime at home
  • Watch your diet so that you include fresh, light and healthy options
  • Consume a balanced diet and savor seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Ensure that you stay hydrated, if you’re stepping out, you can carry handy HoneyChew bars to stay energized and hydrated

Here are a few fitness tips if you must step outdoors for a walk or jog.

  • Ensure that you dress in light cotton clothes that are comfortable and not too tight
  • Ensure that you wear comfortable shoes; the best is too wear sports shoes or sneakers that fit you well
  • Stay hydrated before stepping out and ensure that you hydrate yourself after 20 minutes of walking/ jogging or any other workout outdoors
  • Swimming is the best outdoor activity in summers. It refreshes you and is also known as the complete body workout
  • The sun is harshest between 12 noon to 4 pm. Avoid going out during that time for a walk or jog
  • You can carry easy to carry HoneyChew bars and consume it each time you feel famished or faintish
  • You can try working out outdoors for shorter durations. For example, you can go for a 20-minutes walk in the morning and 15 minutes jog in the evening
  • Ensure that you have light and fresh meals
  • Avoid having a heavy meal just before going for a walk or jog

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