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You have the most important monthly status update meeting and you’re busy checking the last-minute notes to be presented, and just at that moment you hear it. It’s your tummy growling out of hunger. You curse the light oatmeal breakfast that’s making you hungry even before lunch time. But a heavy breakfast could have made you sleepy. You just wish you had to quick snack to help you last through the hour-long meeting. A quick snack that is healthy, gives you instant energy and curbs your hunger pangs.

HoneyChew is your ultimate answer.

Top reasons why you tend to indulge during office hours


  • Boredom and Stress

Boredom and stress at work and the additional stress of multitasking are the top two reasons that make you binge. In short, psychological influences are the culprit to trigger hunger pangs while you’re at work. Sugar coated biscuits, chips and junk food are the best comfort foods at that time. Dieticians say that most people tend to indulge during work hours. The hectic schedules make them seek instantly gratifying foods to the taste buds that are unfortunately either fried, sugary and high in calories. It seems easy to consume a chocolaty donut, chips, or baneful savories that are slyly packed in small convenient packs that are detrimental to your health. These foods throw you off your weight loss plan completely. There are some people who even stash away these evil packs in their office drawers.

If you stick to your strict diet, you have colleagues who will offer you disdainful snacks that your body doesn’t need at all. Even looking at your cohorts indulge in sinful nibbles can be discomforting for your greed.


In a fast-paced corporate world, it’s just too easy to often give into glutton.


  • Sleep Deprivation

Working people may suffer from sleep deprivation that makes them unsure about their actual appetite. They tend to consume many more calories than what is required. They are working late or waking up early to meet the stressful job requirements, and which has a dire consequence on their overall health. People who lack sleep tend to consume more horrid fast foods and sweets since their body does not send them the right signals.

  • Lack of options

There are nutritionists who suggest that working professionals must carry either fruits or yoghurts to control sudden and unpredictable hunger pangs. But people argue that it’s a difficult thing to remember in the morning rush. One has to try to make an effort to remember to carry yoghurt or fruit every morning before leaving for office. Most of the people complain that they forget this morning chore due to the rush. It is easier to keep something handy in the office bag that you don’t have to remember to pick every day.

HoneyChew is an easy to carry, compact and convenient bar that can be carried to office every day.

What makes HoneyChew so special?

  • HoneyChew is super healthy chewy bar that contains chewy honey in different flavors
  • You can indulge in a different flavor everyday (it comes in 5 different flavors – original honey, peppermint, mango, ginger-lemon and orange). It is also easy to store the compact bar in your office bag.
  • It gives you an instant spurt of energy – just what you need to survive a strenuous work day.
  • It keeps a check on your cravings for sugar
  • It is full of nutrients – to give you the right mix of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • It is the perfect portion size for your in-between snacking
  • It is absolutely and completely scrumptious

Order HoneyChew, your perfect office snack right away

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