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Pre- and post-snacks can make or break all your fitness goals. Pre-workout nutrition decides how well your training session goes if you’re into sports. Even if you’re strength training, preparing to run the marathon or going for a walk, your body needs the right nutrients. Post-workout nutrition is essential for your muscle repair. This is the time when most people slip out and surrender to foody desires.

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Most of the fitness experts believe that people who have a pre-workout snack are more energetic during a workout session. Whether you exercise in the morning or evening, you need the right kind of nutrients fuel you with more energy and endurance for a rigorous workout or training session. You need to be watchful of what you consume especially when the market is flooded with sugar-coated nutrition bars and unhealthy drinks that claim to give you instant gratification but, are detrimental to all your fitness efforts.



Whether your goal is to cut fats or build muscles, what you consume before and after your workout are critical contributors to your goal. These meals are the key to your fitness regime and if you mess up here, you put your fitness goals in jeopardy.

The logic to this is simple. When you work out, think of yourself as a car or machine. It needs fueling before operation – right? Similarly, your body needs its propeller to give a marvelous sport or gyming performance.

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What can you consume before a workout?

You must consume something, in the right quantity, and should not have fats. It is appropriate for body builders to consume foods that are rich in proteins and carbohydrates to protect their muscles during the workout. Glucose and amino acids will help you to exercise for 1-2 hours without getting tired. You shouldn’t have a heavy meal just before heading to the gym or training session. Heavy stomach will only make you breathless during the physical training time.

It will also be helpful if one consumes something that stimulates your mind and brain receptors to help you focus on your exercise more.

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What can you consume after a workout?

The time after a workout is a crucial time. Not only because it’s a recovery time for your muscles and body but it’s a time when most of the people become vulnerable to glutton. It’s a time when one of ravenous and famished and it’s easy to have a thought that now that you’ve exercised for over an hour, you probably earned a cheese burger or a nutty chocolate. This is the time when most of the people surrender to fatty foods, indulge and then feel guilty about it thinking that they will work out an extra hour the next day. It’s how it all becomes a vicious circle.

You need to consume foods that helps in muscle repair after the exercise. The body requires immediate recovery after a demanding exercise and it will be especially useful if you have something rich in glucose.

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Why is HoneyChew the best pre-workout and post-workout snack?

HoneyChew is your ideal snack before and after your exercise session since it gives an instant spurt of energy without adding any fats. The chewy honey leaves you feeling satiated and all motivated for an exercise routine. If you’re hungry after the workout, all you need to do is to rip a HoneyChew bar apart, and slurp away the chewy honey (that is available in 5 different flavors) to retain all the lost energy in no time.

HoneyChew is instant gratification – so effectively curb cravings for sugary desserts or beverages. It’s an award-winning, innovative and unique honey bar that comes in different flavors. Packed with proteins, minerals and vitamins, the bar can be easily stashed in your gym bag or even your pocket. Just pick and pack your favorite flavor and get ready for a revivifying training session or exercise routine.

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