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The world has deemed sweets and desserts as the darkest and most evil villain. So, each time you put a dessert in your mouth, you tend to stop yourself to avoid the mountain of guilt that you might feel after indulging in that chocolate bar or custard bowl.

If you deprive yourself of desserts for too long, then you tend to overindulge (if you have a weak will power). For example, you might guzzle down an entire chocolate pastry, a few scoops of ice cream or a few bowls of kheer after days of abstaining from desserts. But what follows is terrible guilt. The guilt doubles if you’re trying to lose weight as you’re always told that you must stay away from deep-fried sweets and keep white flour-based desserts at a distance.


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Sweets are good for you

There are some people (who might be the elderly in your household) who recommend that a small amount of sweet is essential. This further deepens the confusion if sweets are your friend or enemy?

Some sweets are good for you

You mustn’t perceive sugar as an enemy and keep yourself from all kinds of sugars. For example, natural sugar present in honey is extremely fulfilling to your taste buds and energy levels, and not to forget it has a world of nutrition. For example, HoneyChew, the chewable honey bars, are the perfect answer to your sugar cravings.

Researchers at Loma Linda University uncovered that dark chocolate can improve mood and memory. Sweetness in fruits is not harmful for your health. Honey has fructose and glucose that can be quickly broken down by the body. It also contains amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and not just empty calories like white sugar and sugar filled desserts.

It’s important to understand that sweets are not an enemy but the type of sweets you consume must be closely monitored. Sweets with high fats are the real villain that can creep unwanted calories in your body.

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