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There’s something more that you must know that might be contributing to your weight gain or zilch weight loss even after restrictive diets and rigorous workouts.

Most of all believe that weight loss is about the number of calories we consume in a day and the sedentary lifestyle we lead that has no exercises. But behold as we give you a new reality – there are several factors that can lead to weight gain, for example, if you’re not sleeping enough or you have hormones acting up or you’re under some medication, even that might be adding some extra piles on your body. You might be eating right (might be having the perfect balanced diets) and working out (spending hours at the gym or some Pilates class) and still not losing weight. Try to consider other factors (the ones I just mentioned above). If you are a victim of any other factor for weight gain other than excessive calories and lack of exercise, you will keep gaining it back (even after you shed a few kilograms).

There are other factors like water retention (in which case you must reduce your sodium intake and drink more water), consult your physician to know if your medicines are making you gain weight, keep a check on your constipation (include more fiber and water in your diet), have a sound 8-hours sleep and check on your stress levels (learn how to effectively manage your stress).

When it comes to weight-loss, the role of honey is well-established over the years. There’s no denying that honey can be important and critical to help you shed those extra kilograms

High consumption of sugar is one of the biggest factors for weight gain. You can easily replace sugar with HoneyChew candy bars. Every time you have the uncanny urge to reach out for the blueberry pastry or the crisp jalebi, you can just pull out a HoneyChew chewy bar and calm your sugar cravings without adding to the extra piles that you don’t require. It is available in 5 different flavors so you be sure that you always have access to a variety of the most appetizing and satisfying snack or dessert, whichever way you may like to consume it.

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