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Vanilla ice cream topped with melted and gooey chocolate sauce, soft, luscious and melt in the mouth ladoos filled with roasted almonds or a blueberry cheesecake with a double shot of juicy blueberry sauce. Maybe a single piece of chocolate or perhaps half of the moist jalebi.

I know…am echoing your guilty thoughts after meals. You crave for desserts after meals. And that craving is killing.

There is a reason why you crave for something sweet just after a meal. After you consume your food, there is a lot of energy that goes into digesting that meal. It is because so much energy goes into digestion that the body craves for something sweet for instant energy. You can obviously end up in consuming high calories if you consume desserts. Sugary desserts are known to cause your serotonin levels to rise and make you happier. If you have uneven blood sugar levels, it may impact your craving for sweets. If you’re consuming many foods with simple carbs, your body will call out for sugar.

If you’re on a diet, the craving gets worse. You’re already low on energy and trying to consume low calories meal. And then the visions of a sugary dessert keep haunting you. Sugar cravings seem like being haunted by something evil all the time. You can’t seem to get rid of them.

Withstanding cravings may fuel the craving to a level where you can take it no more.

We have a workable solution that will suffice your sweet tooth without adding to the guilt of indulging in anything that is full of calories.

Switch to HoneyChew. The chewy honey in different flavors helps you keep the high and extra calories away and calms your cravings for something sweet right after a meal. In fact, HoneyChew is the best option as it gives you instant energy, lingering sweet taste and is deliciously sweet.

You can order your perfect after meal snack right away. Order HoneyChew now.

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