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We are sadly and surely headed towards a thin-obsessed culture. Young girls and boys starve themselves and as a result are deprived of essential nutrients. In fact, thin is so much in that people of all age-groups want to be lanky. When you switch on the television, you start envisioning yourself as the skinny models walking up and down the ramp. You start watching a movie, and there again, the size zero actress and actor look so slim that you want to look exactly like them. Without thinking of how your nutritional need will be fulfilled, you start a crash diet right away.

They get deficient in calcium, iron, Vitamin D, Proteins and Folic Acid as a result. Both men and women get short of these essential nutrients.


As per common knowledge, it is important to eat healthy and opt for a balanced diet. But these days, people are afraid to eat anything at all for the fear of gaining weight. Then there are sudden hunger pangs that make you want to consume sugary candies, chocolates or fried savories. There are so many easy to order junk foods available that one tends to consume when hunger gets unbearable.

Well, you can have a Honeychew snack without any worry of putting on any weight. The snack is filling and delicious. It saves you from consuming unnecessary calories or foods that are high in sugar or salt. The honey candy is available in 5 exciting flavors – original, peppermint, mango, ginger-lemon and orange and can be easily procured from Amazon or Big Basket.

Teenagers are getting psycho obsessive about their looks and weight without getting concerned about their fitness levels. Yes, all the dieting is causing deficient of nutrients in young women, which in turn is causing health issues like infertility and osteoporosis. As per Dr. Duru Shah of Indian Society for Associated Reproduction, 10-14% of the Indian population is affected with infertility and the main cause of this is an unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of proper nutrition is the main cause for osteoporosis. Starvation is not a solution to being healthy. People need to have a balanced diet and eat frequent small meals to reach their health goals. Most importantly, people must learn that snacking is important and a snack like Honeychew is just perfect for their weight management.

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