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The sweaty, sultry and agonizing summers are here. It’s a time that you absolutely detest and mostly like to stay indoors. The heat depletes you of all your energy and you wish for some superfood to rejuvenate you. Your superfood is packed in Honeychew. The chewy honey bar that is packed with energy, taste and a lingering sweetness.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths surrounding what we should consume in summers and what we should not. Do not get inconspicuously trapped in the biggest myth that suggests that honey should not be consumed in summers. It is indubitably fine to consume honey in summers. In fact, honey helps rehydrate as it contains electrolytes.

Honeychew, the refreshing, chewy and uniquely packed honey snack is your perfect summer friend. Consuming Honeychew can be particularly helpful during the harsh heatwave. Honey consists of essential antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, carbohydrates and vitamins, which helps to combat several diseases.

Imagine the following scenarios:

Scenario 1:

You’re headed back home after a morning run and the sun is scorching bright on your head. You feel exhausted, dehydrated and dazed. There is a strong desire to have something that will instantly make you feel alive again.

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Pull out that Honeychew bar from your pocket to feel refreshed and hydrate yourself instantly.

Scenario 2:

Every day, while walking home from the bus stop in the afternoon when the heat is at its peak, the kids are scorched and drained. You wish there was something to help them feel re-energized. Something quick, and something handy.

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The kids can easily stash Honeychew bars in their school bag and slurp away the instant power snack while walking back home.

Scenario 3:

You must stay up late in office for a client presentation that came by unexpectedly. That tummy just wouldn’t understand the work pressures and is growling with hunger. You wish there was that something appetizingly healthy to pacify your hunger pangs.

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Just pull out one or two Honeychew bars from your office bag or drawers and slurp away the healthy and delicious snack while working on your client without worrying about the unnecessary calories.

For more such scenarios, just stock up your fill of Honeychew bars, your instant summer energizer. Click here.

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